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How Media Impacts Body Image Amongst Teens

   Everywhere we look, teenage girls are bombarded with images of a strict idea of beauty. In commercials and ads, on runways and magazine covers, we witness society’s true meaning of beauty: to have the perfect balance between a thin figure and feminine curves. To obtain this perfect body image, we’d do anything; even buy certain products that promise us perfection. 

   When we look around our classroom or workplace, how many of these ‘perfect’ bodies do we actually see? Thin, fat curvy, we see all these different shapes yet we still believe we need to be the media’s idea of skinny. Why does the media only show us a minority of body figures and display them as beautiful? Do you think advertisements should show all body types in their ads? Why or why not?

   A lot of products on the market promise to make the consumer beautiful, but whose idea of beautiful is it? Makeup and skin care companies promise us a flawless face, and weight loss and food companies promise us a perfect body. They give us no room for variety in their meaning of beauty! To them, everyone must be the same and buy the same product in order to achieve beauty. 

   Is this acceptable? Is it right to strive to be like others? Today, because of the media, it seems like the only way to be accepted by others. More people will want to talk to you if they think you are pretty so they can be seen with someone good looking. It affects your reputation and how others may judge you. Do you find yourself judging others because of how they look? We may not be able to help that because we all have a judgmental nature and that is why the media can convince you that first impressions are very important, because they are nowadays. 

   The portrayal of women in the media is very sexualized and gives a very specific idea of how woman should be. Impressionable teenage girls see these images and strive to be like them no matter how it affects their health. Honestly, I know I am guilty of giving into the pressure the media puts on teenage girls. Image is important to us and the media knows exactly how to make us believe that their idea of beautiful is how everyone should look, which makes us want to buy their product.